I've suffered from facial wasting. Had fat injected in New York by a doctor (I don't recommend it). I've seen Dr. Serra in Rio. One treatment wasn't enough. Now I've had a course of 5 treatments with New Fill which made my face look a lot better. However, I wonder if a plastic surgery, like 3-D facial implants, would be a good permanent solution, especially since now I am on different medications. Or is there anything that can be done as a plastic surgery and be permanent?


Hello and thanks for posting.

I think that there may be a role for facial implants based on individual considerations. These implants are typically not a reliable permanent solution because of thinning of superficial structures. Some patients end up with visible implants or slippage of the implant and need filler therapy over the implants.

There are several agents that are permanent fillers with different performance characteristics. Bioalcamid is a permanent injectable implant available in Canada. PMMA is available in Mexico and Brazil. Medical-grade silicone is available from a relatively small number of providers in the United States. Since these products are permanent they need to be injected by very experienced medical personnel.

I hope this information helps. Best of luck!