Faced jaundice two times with hyperbilirubinea


Dear Sir, I may be a special case for you as I have faced jaundice two times in my short life. Right now I am feeling tiredness. I have not Hep B or Hep C. My SGPT is also less than 40 iu/ml. Only bilirubin is counting between 1.5 and 2. I have never taken alcohol. I am fully vegeterian. My doctor has given me some course of udiliv-500 tablets, but it is remains same. What should I do. Sometimes I feel good and sometimes not. Also can I take a glass of milk in the morning in this time also. Please reply me. I am asking second time. Thank you for attention.


Hepatitis B and C are not the only diseases to affect the liver.You need to rule out Gilbert's disease,as a possible cause of high bilirubin levels.This is a congenital problem of the conjugation of the bilirubin,and patients have fluctuating elevations of the total bilirubin.This does not cause any problem to the liver nor symptoms.You also need to exclude gall bladder pathology and liver pathology of the bile ducts.These problems,may cause symptoms.Good luck.