Eye Floaters = HIV?


Dr. Dieterich,

I was reading a website which discussed signs & symptoms of HIV infection and one of the symptoms listed was eye floaters. I am very concerned because about 6 months after a risky encounter I began seeing floaters in both eyes. I went to an Ophthalmologist who said I had my eyes are healthy, and in turn said floaters just happen. There was no real explanation given to me. Can HIV cause eye floaters? Or is this only in individuals who have CD4 counts lower than 50? Please help! (I did take an HIV test and am awaiting the results - needless to say I am on edge.)


Floaters have nothing to do with HIV. They are common in all people and are not serious. As long as you have eye exams regularly there is nothing to worry about. It is good to have the HIV test, but eye symptoms are very rare. DTD