eye floaters - HIV?


Dr. Henry,

Is there any connection between eye floaters and acute/recent hiv infection? Recently I began to see floaters in both eyes. I went to an Ophthalmologist and he said my eyes were completely healthy. He told me floaters are very common and not to worry about it. However it is scary because he didn't tell me what caused them and they have become very bothersome. I had a possible exposure 8 months ago, but just tested negative via ELISA. I have read about floaters in HIV+ people due to CMV complications, especially when CD4 counts are below 100, but haven't seen much information on if there is a connection between recent HIV infection and eye floaters. What are your thoughts?


Floaters in the eye are not a symptom that would lead to concern about HIV infection. They are very, very common in the general population. KH