Extreme fatigue and i don't feel normal


My blood work ups are usually normal, high cd4, undetectable, history of HPV/anal cancer, inflammation of my lymph nodes, etc etc...but my fatigue and i dont feel right, like something is wrong, kind of gut feeling. I want to get tests done for cancers, can you suggest blood tests for that? Testing for lymphoma, leukemia, etc etc I just want a definite yes or no...



There are many causes for HIV-associated fatigue. Common causes include anemia, medicament side effects/toxicities, psychological problems (depression, anxiety), hormonal imbalances (low testosterone, low thyroid hormone, adrenal insufficiency) and unrecognized infection or malignancy. I would suggest you discuss your extreme fatigue and your concerns with your HIV specialist. He will perform a complete evaluation, including a through medical history, review of past laboratory studies and physical examination. Based on the results from that assessment, he will order any necessary additional laboratory testing and discuss a treatment plan. You can learn more about the causes as well as the treatment of HIV-associate fatigue in the archives of this forum. We have chapters devoted to both topics. Check it out!

Good luck! Hope your batteries are soon recharged.

Dr. Bob