Extent of PrEP's protection?


Hello, I understand that PrEP prevents HIV but does it protect someone having anal or vaginal sex and their anus or vagina bleeds from rubbing or tear? Semens would go through the wound where the bleeding comes from. How protective would PrEP be in this scenario? Side note: I am very excited about the PrEP course in coursera. This will help educate a lot more people about PrEP, including myself. Thank you!


Hello there, PrEP has been found to be 99%+ efficacious for any person who uses it four or more times a week. With over 12,000 "high-risk" individuals having volunteered in efficacy trials and demonstration projects, the research has shown that PrEP works extremely well for anal and vaginal sex when used consistently. As a matter of fact, no one who participated in these first set of trials acquired HIV when they took Truvada as directed (http://www.natap.org/2016/ICAAC/ICAAC_02.htm; https://www.robertmgrant.org/project/has-prep-ever-failed/).

Small inner tears can often be a natural consequence of penetrative sex when not enough lubricant is present. But larger tears and bleeding are a sign that lubricant is most definitely needed. If you or anyone is finding themselves excessively bleeding during sex, please see a doctor and/or use more lubricant for intercourse.

I hope this information can be of benefit for you and those you help learn. For more discussion/considerations, please join the international "PrEP Facts" page on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/PrEPFacts/ .