Extended nipple sucking and possible HIV transmission if blood present


Dear Dr. Bob. -- thanks a million for this service. You have my donation too.

I read through the "nipple/hiv transmission" section, but found no similar scenario as mine.

I went to a massage parlor where I met with an older sex worker in Berkeley, CA. I started off by sucking on her breasts. I presume it went for a relatively long period of time, maybe a few minutes; I was drunk. I was sometimes on the nipple and at other times on the surrounding area. I really can't remember how hard I ultimately sucked on her nipples and breasts, and whether that would cause her to bleed, even if minimally, for me to be exposed to HIV (or something else) and therefore warrant testing in my situation. Again, I was drunk, but as far as I could tell there were no visible signs of blood on her breasts or nipple.

At some point, I masturbated myself with my left hand while continuing to rub her breasts with my right hand. She also rubbed intensely my left nipple. She wanted me ought of there and insisted that she masturbate me. I refused. Then I asked her if I could "fuck her if I use a condom," at which time she pulled out a condom and proceeded to put it on me. She motioned for me to penetrate her "doggy style," but again I refused, and instead I rubbed my condomed penis on her legs, at times close to her crotch, but not really aiming at inserting my penis in her vagina. I spanked her with both hands. I pulled away, and began to masturbate myself with the condom on until I ejacualted. I took off the condom and held it in a towel she gave me, near my penis to cover myself as another sex worker was coming to hurry me up as I had just ejacualted.

Am I at any risk of HIV transmission from this episode? from other STDs? I am particularly scared of HIV from sucking blood and herpes from potential contact with an affected area, even though no actual penetration actually occurred.

Thank you, Dr., we are all deeply indebted for the information and service you provide in this forum.

Kind regards, One who wants to be a Relaxed Max.



Your HIV-acquisition risk is negligible assuming the latex condom was used properly and did not fail (break). In other words relax Max! Noshing on hooker boobs (even for protracted periods of time)is not considered an HIV-transmission risk. If my reassurance is not enough for you to shake your worries, get a single HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark. The result will undoubtedly be negative, but if it helps put your residual fears permanently to rest, it may be worth it psychologically.

Good luck "Max."

Dr. Bob