Exposure with Sex Worker.


Dear Dr. Bob,

I like to donate some money to your foundation? but do not know how, can you please advise?

I had been very sexually active with Sex Worker the past month. Now, I am extremely worried that I might have caught HIV and/or STDs during these events.

March 9, 08. Fingering, Unprotected Oral for 1-2 mins (very brief), kissing.

March 23, 08. Fingering, protected vaginal intercourse, kissing.

April 11, 08 Fingering, protected oral, protected vaginal intercourse, kissing.

April 12, 13, 18, 20 08 Fingering, protected oral, kissing. All of these event happened with same girl.

May 1, 8, 10 Fingering, protected oral, protected vaginal intercourse. All of these event happened with same girl.

May 11, Protected vaginal intercourse. I had sex twice in one day with different sex workers.

I checked the condom afterward, and all of them were intact and no breakage. I also filled with water, nothing leak out. All of the sex worker (all are Asian) claimed that they do not have Aids and they are very clean. Though, I do not know how reliable their answers are.

Can you please let me know what are my risks of acquire HIV/STDs?

Should I get test just to be sure?

Have you seen anyone who diagnosed with HIV/STDs from the events described above?

My last question is if one continues his life style like this for life, and use condom every time (assume condom works), is there a chance that he will acquire HIV? You mentioned that if condom works, no way no how...



The answers to your concerns are in the archives, as I've addressed similar questions gazillions of times in this forum. (Have a look!) Consequently I'll only respond briefly and refer you to the archives for more detailed information, OK?

  1. Fingering is not considered to be an HIV transmission/acquisition risk, assuming the skin on the fingers doing the exploring is intact.
  1. Protected sex is indeed protected, assuming the latex condom was used properly and did not fail (break).

  2. HIV cannot permeate intact latex. No way. No how.

  3. Donation information for the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation can be found on the foundation's Web site at www.concertedeffort.org. Thanks for your willingness to help others in drastic need.

Be well. Continue to play safe and you'll stay safe.

Dr. Bob