exposure to HIV


I met a woman exposed to HIV for a year via unprotected sex with a man who had HIV the whole time he slept with her and didnt tell her.My question is although she has tested negative the last 5 years after their relationship...is it possible she still might be carrying the virus?I am considering a long term relationship and need to know the possibiities....



The "possibiities"???

Regarding the woman who was exposed to HIV for a year, if she has tested negative out to five years, she is unquestionably HIV negative. Is it possible she is still carrying the virus? No, of course not. Not every exposure to HIV leads to HIV transmission. In fact, fortunately the vast majority of exposures do not lead to infection! Certainly the woman you mention is very, very lucky, but experiences like hers are not all that uncommon. (Check the archives for other similar testimonials.)

As for your "possibiities," remember you can't base your future on what happened -- or didn't happen -- to someone else! If you are in a magnetic relationship (one poz, one neggie), I strongly suggest you and your partner read through the sections of the archives of this forum related to magnetic couples and also sexual HIV transmission.

Stay safe and you'll stay well, OK?

Dr. Bob