what exactly does thrush look like?


i am curious as to what thrush looks like. since last week i have developed tiny pin sized white dots on the inside wall of my lips. i don't know if it is thrush or not.

when i brush my tongue along it, they are so small that i can't determine one bump from the next but the surface feels rough. can you explain exactly what thrush looks like, how big it usually is, does it hurt? i would greatly appreciate your answer...thank you


The most common is presentation is pseudomembranous candidiasis or what is commonly referred to as thrush. Pseudomembranous candidiasis presents as white patches, sometimes ‘curd-like', that can appear anywhere within the oral cavity that will wipe away, sometimes leaving a red or bleeding surface. It is not hard to wipe away most mild to moderate outbreaks of candidiasis. The extent of the infection depends on numerous factors, but generally can present from a single patch to severe cases which cover most of the oral cavity. For pictures of pseudomembranous candidiasis, please access the HIVdent Picture Gallery which contains numerous pictures ranging from mild infection to severe infection.

Is pseudomembranous candidiasis painful. Again, this depends on the extent of the infection. Very often mild infections will be asymptomatic.

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