ex partner notification


i have recently tested positive, with cd4 count of 24, i already started treatment, i'm not sure from what i'm reading over here on this site that if i'm on the right meds or not, where i live right now they provide the meds for free, and moniter the cd4 count only, and that is it, no doctors no phisytians whatsoever, i can't go private, and i don't know how or where if i even wated to, i figuer out also from what i read in here that a count of cd4 to be 24 that means i've been carrying the virus for over 2 years,within i had only one relationship with no unpredected sex from both parties whatsoever, but for some reasons we don't talk anymore and i really can't come forward and say anything about it now, i tried to make a contact through anonymos email address, but no resoponse, probably thuoght it's an advertising or maybe didn't even bother to look at it... i really can't do anything about it, but i recall that we both had same exact symptoms just before the split, itchiness and flue, and this is how i came to know about my status when i asked my Doctor in the country where i used to live at the time to put me for STD tests, with my count of cd4 and my health status i believe he is prbably going to show same status or maybe better i hope, i need a way for someone to directly talk to him asap, considering that he lives in a country where they will deport him as soon as they find out about it, i don't want for this to happen to anyone especially him... can you help with your opinion please...please


I will very much like to help you but your question is too complex. I am not even sure that I understand what are you asking? Are you asking about your friend? If so, it is admirable that you are worrying about him, but at this time, he needs to take care of himself and you need to concentrate on your on illness and treatment. If you are asking about your treatment, the likelihood is that if you are taking a regimen that contains 3 approved HIV medications in your country, and you take them with good adherence, you are probably responding well to them. If so, your T-cells maybe coming up; which will explain why you haven't; get sick. If you want help you, but try to define better your question and concentrate only on one issue at the time you post your question, Good luck.