I started eviplera last hear and the treatment is going really well. I am worried about my weight gain also before I was diagnosed I was a size 34 now I am a 40. I am 6'3 and live a very active life grow my own veg etc and eat extremely healthy. I have tried everything now I am on med from my gp that binds the fat out of food. Is there anything else you can suggest as my consultant doesn't know what else to do in this weight it is ONLY roulette my stomach.


Hello and thanks for posting.

Seems like weight gain is an issue for you- before going onto medications, I'd strongly suggest speaking to your doctor about medical conditions (like hormonal or mental health issues) that can affect your weight. Also discuss your dietary and exercise habits. For many, nutrition consultation or alternatively, a nutrition and exercise program, in conjunction with medical monitoring can be very effective. For difficult cases, even weight reduction (bariatric) surgery can be considered.

Hope that's helpful, BY