Even new HIV treatments are toxic!


I been hiv positive for 30 years. I have peripheral neuropathy, high triglycerides 1500-3500. To all HIV after 10 years most will feel lose of fat/muscle, get ready for crixi-belly. facial wasting get ready. Tell HIV the truth you will not live a happy life with hiv. Long term you need more fiber, potassium 4500 per day, you need 5000-7000 per day vitamin D it fights off 25 diseases.


Hello and thanks for posting.

Sorry you've had such a difficult time with HIV and medications. The experiences of many long-term survivors of HIV, like you and many of my patients, has been very challenging and fraught with complications, toxicity and lingering health problems.

But to translate your unfortunate experiences with earlier generations of medications with today's meds would be wrong and quite misleading. While any medication can cause toxicity in some individuals, properly selected and monitored, newer HIV medications rarely cause serious toxicity. Indeed, recent long-term studies from the EuroSIDA group actually suggest the opposite of your claim: people who take HIV medications longer have lower risk of side effects and toxicity, not higher. The lipodystrophy that you've experienced was common (especially for those who had to take d4T), but we now know is also attributable for starting suppressive HIV therapy with very low CD4 cell counts. And Crix(ivan) was very problematic for some, life saving for many, but has been long replaced by several generations of better and far better tolerated medications.

And recent initial studies with the newest HIV integrase inhibitors show that fewer than 2% of individuals stop therapy because of side effects. That's a cup that's 98% full.

The vast majority of people today who start on treatment have few, if any side effects and few, if any drug-related toxicity.

Regarding vitamins, IMHO, the best vitamin source isn't a pill, it's a balanced diet. Only in cases of documented vitamin deficiency do you need supplementation. Low vitamin D is common as is low vitamin D in diet, so supplementation is something that is reasonable for many people. As for fighting off diseases, it's quite controversial. Potassium supplementation is rarely needed, and can in fact be dangerous if one has kidney or heart issues.

In sum, I respectfully disagree with you. Today's HIV medications are safe and restore (or maintain) immune health. They prevent disease, suffering and death. They prevent new infections and could eliminate death from AIDS and pediatric HIV altogether.