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ESCORT QUESTION HIV STD Hi Damon, first of all thank you for your service for what you're doing for the community making people lifes safer and happier. Every month i go to high end escort service by appointment only in Vancouver. When I have Sex I always wear condom for oral sex and vaginal sex without any kissing but just fingering the vagina area. for two or 3 years I did that and i went to my doctor for std checkup and everything came back Negative was good. Then since that place got shut down it was called in Downtown Vancouver. So I went to their different location at Burnaby call at the fox den. they are same company just different name. and this place by Burnaby is by appointment only and it has licensed for ADULTS Body Rub services. They have two different services one has CFE experience which means Carman Fox experience like more girlfriend experience and some one of them are NON Girlfriend experience. The one with Girlfriend experience do French kissing going down on them and fingering them but u still need to use protection for oral sex and vaginal sex which of course I did. So Damon my question is that

  1. Giving oral sex to female escorts what kind of diseases or STDS can you get? (can you get hiv from this? (has anyone got hiv from this?
  2. Doing French kissing with female escorts Can you get Hiv or any other STD diseases when there is no bleeding or open cut sores in their mouth
  3. Were my sexual activities were safe and healthy can I have a baby in the future?


Hi there, Thank you for the kind words, we are thrilled here at The Body to help make people's lives safer and happier. I had a wonderful experience visiting Vancouver last November and enjoyed many rich experiences in that beautiful town. Fortunately the answers to your questions are universal and not limited to any specific neighborhood in that city.

BEFORE I answer your questions about transmission and risk let's be clear about one thing: Escorts, massage therapists, and sex workers are not known to have a greater risk of carrying STDs than non-sex workers. In some parts of the world sex workers may be less likely to carry STIs due to the fact that they are being tested and screened more regularly than the non-sex worker population. So my answers to your questions are based in medicine and science, not in any way specific to people who work for escort services.

(1a) Some STDs can be transmitted from giving vaginal oral sex (cunnilingus). If she had an active case of gonorrhea, chlamydia, or primary stage syphilis sore in her vagina, then you could have been exposed. Hepatitis, Herpes, and HPV (human papillomavirus/warts) can also be transmitted this way. Remember - Just because these things CAN be transmitted through vaginal oral sex doesn't mean they she had them, nor that she put you at risk for them.

(1b) There is almost zero risk of transmitting HIV through vaginal oral sex. There would have to be a copious amount of blood and fluids transmitted from her vagina into your gums in order for that to happen. It is quite likely you would know about it if blood or vaginal fluids were gushing into your mouth and being absorbed by open wounds in your mouth ( I am not aware of any actual HIV transmissions by this route.

(2) French kissing any human would not put you at risk for HIV, escort or not, uptown or downtown Vancouver. HIV must be transmitted from the mucous membranes from one human directly into mucous membranes of another, hence why sexual penetration and IV drug use are the most common routes. It cannot be transmitted from casual contact such as touch, holding, fingering, rubbing genitals (or "frottage"), crying, massaging, nor french kissing.

(3) The sexual activities you are describing are about as safe as you can get. I'm guessing you are at more risk statistically of getting injured on your way to Burnaby from Vancouver then getting a permanent STI from oral sex. Infertility in men from STIs are quite rare, and 100% if you are being tested.

The only way you are going to get the answers you truly seek are to continue to go to your doctor for STI testing and check-ups. You didn't mention what kind of relationship you have with your doctor. If for any reason you don't feel comfortable talking to your doctor about STIs and sex, I'd encourage you to visit a clinic where you won't feel judged for enjoying sex with escorts. I am told the BCCDC clinic at 655 West 12th Avenue is one such place where people can go for respectful testing (

I hope this helps you to have the kind of sex you wish to have. I believe everyone has a right to enjoy sexual gratification and pleasure with another consenting adult. Vaginal, oral, and even anal sex can all be wonderfully meaningful experiences, but not if they are consistently tainted with fear, panic, and anxiety. Learning the facts, regularly getting tested, and consistent use of protection are all ways to reduce the fear, enjoy the feel.