Erotic massage


I've read all the items, and I'm pretty sure I was perfectly safe, but it would be nice to get confirmation:

More than a month ago I had an erotic massage. The masseuse first gave me a massage with oil on the back and frontside of my body, then she ended it with a handjob, where the palm of her hand touched the top of my penis.

There was no penetration involved. 4 weeks later I have a sore throat and a cough that doesn't go away easily.

Was I in some way at risk for HIV? What if there was still some dry semen on her hand from a previous customer? Could HIV survive that long due to the massage oil and have entered my penis?

Thank you in advance for your information


There is absolutely no risk for HIV in the situation you're describing.

HIV is relatively hard to get, meaning it only is transmitted in specific ways.

Those will always include a way for HIV positive body fluid to enter your body right after it exits someone else's body. Nothing like that happened in your situation.

Hope that helps,