is epididymitis a symptom of HIV??


About two weeks ago i was diagnosed with epididymitis. I am 23 years old and when i went to a urlogist all they kept saying was it had to be an STD causing it, because of my age. Then that made me wirry about HIV bc if i could have an STD, i could def have HIV. So they did a culture test with a swab, and my god it was painful, and then they did a uranalysis. They found nothing. I dont know if that nothing was HIV too. I dont know if u can test for HIV through the urine. but they said no STDS. which was good. I went on doxycycline for 10 days and after the 10th day, it felt fine. 2 weeks later, which is now, i am starting to feel pain again. Not as bad as it was, but noticable pain. Is this normal. And it is still swollen too. is this normal? Now is epididymitis a symptom of HIV? and when will this pain go away? PLease oh please answer my question in a timely fashion and i will sure to make a very nice donation to your foundation. Thanks so much.



Epididymitis can be caused by STDs, but is not related to HIV. However, it's worth noting that epididymitis or no epididymitis, the reason to be concerned about possible HIV infection is whether or not you placed yourself at risk for infection (unsafe sex, sharing intravenous drug needles, etc.). If you've placed yourself at risk, you should get a specific HIV test three months or longer from the time of your last potential exposure. I have no way of knowing what you were tested for at your visit to the urologist. You'll need to check with them for that information. Since your symptoms are starting to flare again, you'll probably need to see the urologist again for additional evaluation and treatment anyway. Epididymitis can be somewhat difficult to treat, but don't get discouraged. It really will eventually clear up, OK? You can read up on HIV symptoms and screening tests on this Web site. Check the review articles easily accessed on The Body's homepage and also the information in the archives of this forum. Thanks for your kind offer to make a donation to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation ( It's warmly appreciated.

Good luck!

Dr. Bob