Is Ensure supplemental drink covered by Medicare?


I was in wasting syndrome when first diagnosed. I'm one of those lucky ppl whose weight never fluctuated no matter how much I ate. Now I'm finding it very dificult to put it back on. I've been tested for parasites, testerone etc and no problems there. I've even tried Marinol which did make me hungry and I ate lots but no weight gain. The one thing which seems to work is Ensure. Ive been using it for several months now and putting on about 2lbs a month. The problem is the cost of it. If my Dr. would write me a prescription for it would it be covered by Medicare? This would allow me to continue with it and get back to a normal weight. I had sunk down to around 95 lns over a period of months and it just kinda bottomed out there. I'm now at 100 lbs with the Ensure and want to continue with it.


Abbott makes Ensure and Juven (another great aminoacid supplement that works for increasing weight in HIV)

This page shows the Medicare codes that are used for reimbursement:

You also may want to get your doctor to test your blood levels of testosterone and to possibly prescribe oxandrolone if you need to gain weight.Resistance exercise with weights and machines can also help you not only increase weight but also increase the right kind of weight (lean body mass)