I just came back from my doctor's office and have received my latest 3 month work-up (blood studies). I am really concerned about 2 of the findings. Prior to having my blood drawn I had been fasting for 12 hours. My most recent FBS came back at 130. None of my prior glucose levels were elevated. Also my doc told me (I forget the term, mega something) that my red blood cells were enlarged. My liver enzymes were considered normal. My viral load is undetectable and my T cells are above 600 which has been my status since 1996 when I started drug therapy. Most likely I have been infected since 1984 and otherwise enjoy reasonably good health. Can you shed any light on the above findings? I would really appreciate your insight!! Jack



The "mega something" most likely refers to the size of your red blood cells. When red blood cells are pushed out of the bone marrow (where they are made) early, they are often over-sized which we term megaloblastic. I know this sounds like a new Nintendo game but it's not. It's actually a very common condition for those of us on HIV medications. Large red blood cells can be associated with certain types of anemia but you did not mention that your hemoglobin or red blood cell count was low. Slightly larger than normal red blood cells without evidence of anemia is nothing to worry about. I would however watch your red blood cell counts over the next couple of blood draws and see if they are beginning to decline. Treatment of mild to moderate anemia is associated with improved quality of life and survival! As for the abnormal fasting blood glucose you may need a glucose tolerance test. You've been on medications since 1996 and some of the side effects of potent antiretroviral therapy include metabolic problems including glucose regulation. Don't panic. Overall you are doing very well.