enlarged lymph nodes


I discovered a week ago that my right axilliary lymph node was wnlarged. On Tuesday i went to see my doc who confirmed the enlargement and she ordered a chest x-ray and ct scan. I had the x-ray done on wednesday and got the results on firday which were clear. On the request forms though the Doc wrote ? Lymphoma. I understand that Lymph nodes enlarge due to reaction to infections. I did not feel ill or was i pyrexial/feverish. What is your take on this?


Hello and thanks for your post.

It's good to hear that your follow up tests (chest XR and CT) were normal. The concern in HIV+ persons with enlarged lymph nodes ("glands") is that they could represent things other than the more common infections (including HIV)-- this list includes certain types of cancers, like lymphoma. The tests ordered were a good idea and confirm that there's nothing serious going on.

I hope this helps. BY