Encounter with a TS prostitute - What are my risks?


Hey everyone, I'd just like to start off by thanking the people on this website for being so educated and supportive. If it weren't for this website I don't know what I would do. I'm asking this question to help dispel some of my lingering anxieties about a new kind of encounter I had.

Five days ago I had an encounter with a transsexual prostitute. I found an expensive one via the internet who lived close by in a nice place. Before any activity, I asked her if she was drug and disease free, which she replied yes to. I engaged in some light and sensual kissing, which I know has no practical risk, then I fingered her for one to two minutes. I had no cuts on my fingers or hands (except my fingernails might have been a little long which worries me about causing scratches inside her) After I removed my fingers she proceeded to place a condom on me and performed oral sex, during which I could occasionally feel her teeth lightly. I then performed insertive anal sex on her for about 5-10 minutes but did not ejaculate, instead pulling out. She then removed the condom, which was intact, from my penis. It was clean, and I could see no blood (but it was slightly dark in the room). I then masturbated myself for a while and came on her back. I don't think that she ejaculated at any time.

I am primarily worried about any microscopic rips made by her teeth on the latex and if she used a water based lubricant (which I think may be the case since we re-applied it a few times). Even though we used a lot and everything was well lubricated, I'm terrified it might have been an oil based lubricant. I know its a remote possibility, but I don't know the effect that would have had on the condom as the literature I have read simply states that oil based lubricant weakens the latex. Even though the condom didnt break or slip I'm still afraid of micro tears and the transmission risk that entails.

I have always practiced safe sex with the rest of my partners, and have never had unprotected sex but I am now terrified about having been with an individual who is high risk. I know that this is probably my mind becoming too overactive with "what ifs?" but it's still making me anxious.

Thanks in advance - once again you people do amazing work.


Hi Thank you for your question and your kind words. This is what we are here for.

Oral sex carries the lowest risk of HIV transmission and protected oral sex carries no risk. You are fine from this experience!

Be well and stay safe, Shannon