effect of dexamethasone injection on hiv ag\ab test


i had sex with aperson 5 years ago and now iam afraid of being infected with hiv i do hiv ag\ab test since 5 days and result was negative but iam afraid that this long period between relationshiop and test affect on test and lead to disappearance of antibodies and i was pregnant then i delivered my baby one month ago and during pregnancy i take dexamethasone injection for 5 days (the period between injecion of dexaand now is one month ) iam afraid that dexa affect test and lead to disapearance of antibodies as i read that dexamethaone affect antibodies and pregnancy decrease immunity my wbc are 5900 it is usually 9500 in all previoustests and i noticed it is decreased i want to know is this test reliable or not


Hi The testing guidelines are to be tested 90 days after exposure and as long as there are no other exposures during this time the results are considered conclusive. Since your exposure was 5 years ago and your recent test was negative and from what you have described to me you are HIV free. Once HIV is present in the body the test will always come back positive. I have been positive for almost 22 years and we were just training individuals on testing and ran a test on me. My viral load is undetectable and I have no symptoms, but my test came back positive still. So you can see that if you had HIV the test will show it and the antibodies never go away.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon