Ecstasy Addiction


Hello, everybody, I need advice. I am afraid that I am ecstasy addicted. I tried it several times, but the last time I begin to use it more often. I found here some symptoms of the addiction., but maybe somebody can help with the advice from real life. Thank you.


Thanks for writing. An increase in the use of a drug, often because taking more is required for the same intoxicating effect, is known as tolerance. This can happen because the body adapts in an effort to cope with the ingestion of the drug. However, it is unlikely such dependence would develop so soon after trying it just a few times.

The research is unclear on whether ecstasy is physically addictive or not. You can read more here. What can be a problem when one is experimenting with a drug is the effect it has regarding escaping or numbing uncomfortable emotions, creating intensity, or even as an antidote to boredom. It is probably one of these psychological factors that your are experiencing.

I would interpret the obvious appeal the drug has for you as a red flag. That is, I would be cautious about how much and how often you use this (and other) drugs. You may want to commit to not using it for a month and see what happens. Watch for some of the other warning signs of addiction such as unmanageability,using despite adverse consequences, and increasing the amount you use.

You may find it helpful to be in regular contact with someone you trust about your use. Be honest with them and ask for feedback. Sometimes it's hard to see ourselves.

Best wishes, David