What is Earvin Johnson's Magic Secret treatment against HIV?


Dr. Wohl,

Hat's off to you sir for all the efforts you put up against this virus? My question to you is what is exactly Earvin Magic Johnson's secret to manage to treat HIV so successfully without noticable side effects when quite a few positive patients on antivirals get so obvious and devastating effects in the public eye due to lipoatrophy, lypodystrophy, buffalo hump, and other problematic side effects from drugs? Does Earvin really have some special magic or is he getting some special treatments the regular folks don't get. What do you think?

Nicky Blond


Dear Nicky B-

I am not privvy to Magic's medical history but I suspect he is on the same combo that many of those reading this are. Magic's success is a tribute to his hard work to keep himself healthy but is hardly unique. I have dozens of Magic Johnsons in my clinic - men and women who have taken excellent care of themselves, take their medications as directed and avoid poisons such as excessive alcohol and any crack cocaine. They see their doctor regularly and read about this disease and its treatments.

Not everyone with HIV and on therapy gets body shape changes, lipid disorders or diabetes. Most don't. There are many factors influencing the development of these complications. In particular, genetics - African Americans seem less likely to develop lipoatrophy but may be more at risk for some of the lipid problems.

Hats off to Magic and all you other Magics out there - it takes hard work but not magic (I could not resist). DW