Early HIV Symptoms


One wednesday night after having drank wine all day from being depressed over not having enough money, I decided to go to this strip club and watch. I bought shoes with me just in case I decided to dance. After a few drinks I decided to dance and liked the money that I received after doing some extra stuff in the back room. It was closing time and a man wanted to have sex and was rushing me, but I made him wait until I had a condom. I handed him the condom and we had sex very quickly, like less than 2 minutes and he ejaculated on the floor. Thats when I noticed he didn't have a condom on and I became furious. He hands the condom back to me and says 'he clean'. That meant nothing to me. I went home showered, went to bed pissed off. Woke up for work Thuesday and had a sore throat. Made an appointment with my doctor for Friday and by Friday other than being sore from dancing I still had a sore throat. The sore throat the who;e time was minor, but I was still afraid. I get tested regularly and have no STD's or HIV/AIDS, is it possible I could have contracted and STD even though he didn't ejaculate in me? Is pre-ejaculation able to infect others? Its. now Saturday and I have a runny nose, chest discomfort and a minor sore throat as well. I feel like I'm coming down with a minor cold. Is it possible to experience symptoms hours later? Possible exposure happened about 1am and I had a sore throat by 8am. I have increased the amount of exercise I do to try and keep my immune system strong, will this help? By the way, I have discussed this with my doctor and plan to go for blood work a week from possible exposure and 2 months from now. It was my first time ever doing this and it only took this one experience to know I will never be back there or sell myself for money. I'm 25 and pretty healthy



If you had unprotected sex, yes it's possible you contracted an STD, including HIV, even though your partner didn't pop his cork inside you. Yes, pre-cum can transmit HIV.

"Symptoms" that arise "hours" after a potential HIV exposure are not due to HIV. The symptoms related to HIV acute retroviral syndrome (ARS) take two to three weeks to become manifest.

Your plans to get an HIV test at one week and two months will not provide definitive or conclusive results. You'll need to wait for the three-month mark for that.

There is no doubt your closing-time dude was a scumbag. Interesting how he so readily has unprotected sex and yet states "he's clean." What a moron! He probably voted for Sarah Palin and is part of the wingnut "birther" movement as well.

I'm delighted you've decided not to sell yourself for money or risk your health!

I'd suggest you peruse the wealth of information on this site, in its archives and on related links. I'm confident you'll find the information enlightening and reassuring.

Good luck. Be well.

Dr. Bob