dying of worrying


Dear doc hello there I did Anti HIV test (ELISA) and it stated Detected . Then the lab did hiv1/2 Rapid Test and stated NON REACTIVE and they did Particle Agglutination and stated NON REACTIVE . The Anti HIV1/2 is Weakly Reactive o.d 1.54 and they did Western Blot and NON REACTIVE all this done on my blood sent at 24/12/02 . in the report they wrote down Biological false positive and to be investigate for other heamalotological or autooimmune disease . i did another HIV 1&2 screen and its NON REACTIVE on 30/12/02 in diffrent lab . The lab also did ESR (3mm/hr), Rheumatiod Factor (<20) , Anti Nuclear Factor (Negative) , anti-dsDNA(Crithidia)--- (NEGATIVE) The doctor at the lab sent me to see a dermatologist on 25/02/02 and the dermatologist says i got ROSACEA . my question is can ROSACEA cause my ELISA reative ?. is there posibility i infected with HIV? .. i don't have any exposure except geting a cut through hair cutting . i feel tired for two days and it stop and next week it started again and it stop next day . No fever . I got a sore throut for 4 weeks (ENT specialist says it is CRONIC sore throut).NO trush. Can i be seroconverting?



Can Rosacea cause a positive HIV ELISA test? No. that skin condition and your chronic sore throat are completely unrelated. You have essentially no risk for contracting HIV and your HIV test is a FALSE positive. That means it really is NOT positive. The more sensitive HIV tests - Western Blot and Agglutination tests - confirm you are negative, as does your repeat ELISA, which was negative 1 week after your false positive test.

You have absolutely nothing to worry about. With no significant exposure risk and multiple negative very sensitive HIV confirmatory tests, you are as negative as they come. In fact, I wonder why you were even getting tested in the first place.

Stay well.

Dr. Bob