Dust and Dead Skin


Can dust carry HIV? I read that dust is dead skin accumulated by people.

I frequent this warehouse store that carries food and cleaning supplies for cheaper, and it's always sooooo dusty on everything. The cleaning supplies I buy, the packages of paper cups and plates. Anywho, the owner has HIV and I'm sure people with HIV have gone to the store, what if their dead skin, as well as every person, is what's making the dust?

Can HIV be in dead skin/ dust?

Hypothetically, Could HIV blood or semen enter through my hands through skin that is red and cracked from dryness?

I will donate $40, I don't have a lot of money, I don't even have medical insurance where I can just go and talk to a doctor. I need your help.

Can I send cash?

Gracias GUAPO!!


Hello Guapo,

HIV transmission from "dead skin dust"? No, absolutely not. By the way, dust is composed of lots of things other than dead skin cells. For instance it contains house dust mites; pet danders; particulate matter from clothes, furniture and food; and loads of other stuff. HIV, by the way, does not survive very long at all outside the body.

Fresh HIV-tainted fluids are a risk if there is non-intact skin. Mere dryness would not be a problem. "Cracked" could be a problem, depending on the severity.

Thank you for your donation and yes, the foundation does accept cash (as well as all other forms of monetary gifts). The foundation's address is:

The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation 1000 Fremont Ave., Suite 145 Los Altos, CA 94024

Thank you. Be well.

Dr. Bob