Dear Mr Young, I take Prezista/Norvir/Kivexa. If I stop it for 1 month can I become resistence or not ? How mutch time is need to become drug resistence to this meds ?


Hello and thanks for posting.

While treatment interruptions aren't generally recommended, stopping therapy sometimes happens for a variety of reasons, such as supply chain issues (stock outs, insurance gaps, etc), side effects or toxicity, or pill fatigue.

If your viral load is suppressed at the time of the interruption and you stop all of your medications at the same time, the risk of developing drug resistance (especially with the boosted protease inhibitor regimens, like yours) is thought to be very low. This is because if takes a couple of weeks for the virus to return (when your virus is suppressed), and by this time, all of the medications should be gone from your system. It's not the duration of the interruption that is an issue, but whether there's low levels of some of your drugs in your system when the virus returns. This typically occurs when you have detectable virus and intermittent or frequent gaps in dosing.

I hope this is helpful, BY