Drug Interactions with Truvada and Isentress Combo


Dr. Young, I have successfully been taking Truvada and Isentress for the past 3 years. It is my first regimen and I have been undecetable since starting treatment. Recently I have been prescribed Wellbutrin for depression and Adderall for attention deficit disorder. Are there any particular interactions or concerns with the combination of these meds with my HIV regimen? Thank you for your help and Happy New Year!


Hello and thank you for posting.

Happy New Year to you too.

I'm happy to hear that you've done so well, for so long on your current regimen. Neither Welbutrin nor Adderal interact with your HIV medications. There is a possible interaction between Welbutin and Adderal, though. I'd make sure that the doctor(s) prescribing the depression and ADHD medications are aware of the prescriptions.

Be well, BY