DR. WOHL ..I request u to plzz answer !!!!! plzz...help plzz..


Sir, I am male. I had unprotected oral sex with an unknown man on 31st July, 2012. and protected anal sex on 27th of August, with another man, married. ( HIV Negative - tested with me).

i) I tested myself 3 times after 1 month , 3 months and 6 months of my first encounter. Non-Reactive to HIV 1 & HIV 2. ii) 5 months have lapsed after my Second encounter, he is HIV negative. Should i wait for 6 months? iii) I tested myself by Dr. Lal Path Labs, by HIV Rapid Screening, by Flow through Immunofiltration method after 1 , 3 and 6(5) months. Do I NEED ELISA, Western Blot? iv) How reliable is HIV rapid screening using Flow through immunofiltration method? v) Can i marry ?


A negative HIV test at 5 months after your exposure is good enough. You do not need further testing. As to whether you can marry, that is up to her.