dr whol i need your advice


hi there doctor david, 11 years ago had unprotected vaginal oral sex with a sex worker from middle east, during these 11 years i had many many health issues and i am only 30 years old, my health issues correlates well with hiv infection despite testing negative throughout these years using multiple elisas combos rapid and one pcr rna and a cd4/cd8 of 668 /338~ 57%/30% ratio 1.9 this test was done 10 year after exposure...symptoms and health issues are FLU like symtpms exactly 3 weeks after exposure,,, multiple lymph nodes at various and weird parts of the body (epitrochlear ,supraclavicualar) that remain same aize for 7_9 years, trace protein urine,fatty liver, elevated esr, bilirubin of 2 ( hep b,c negative) angular chelitis, seborreheic dermatitis, pus in eyes each morning and general tiredness Mild anemia and mild low mcv,, so dr david many negative tests , cd4 cd8 normal i guess which was done 7 months earlier from this moment, what do u think? Is it a possibility hiv i mean?


I think you are not HIV positive. Testing was negative and symptoms/signs very non-specific. Normal CD4.