Dr, i went and gave the blood for HIV RNA PCR test.


Dr. Brian, I am the guy whom you recommend a PCR or an antigen test, because I was on immunosuppressants for a long period of time. So I took an appointment with an infectious disease specialist. He has requested the HIV 1 RNA PCR test and the HIV 2 RNA PCR test. They told it might take up to a week to get the test result. My antibody tests are negative. My last exposure was 8 months ago. I have Herpes 2 virus. I am concerned about the results. What are the chances that i might have a false positive or a false negative RNA PCR tests? I hope my ID specialist would be able to suggest me if he thinks it is a false positive.


False negative PCR tests are extremely unlikely. False positiv tests are almost as rare, but I would consider that the test may be falsely positive if the result is 5,000 copies/mL or less, especially if the aitbody test is negative and the CD4 count is normal.