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Dr. W.

I'll try and be short and to the point. On Nov 6, 12 I got a massage with hand release. I also licked / sucked the gals breast didnt notice fluid. Two weeks latter I got testicle pain and abdominal pain. I was diagnosed with hydrocele via ultrasound. Urologist seemed to think it was from epididimitis due to std. He prescribed doxy. Testicle pain stopped but ab pain, stomach gurgle continued. I also had terrible dry mouth.I was sent to GI Dr who did upper GI with small bowel and ultrasound of gsll bladder, liver and pancreas. All was fine. Complete blood work was fine. Nexium prescribed and so was cipro. Pain continued. Jan 25th I get oral thrush. There was patch on cheek and tongue coated. I brushed it off and it didnt return. Jan 28 I get tested for stds. The give me 2 antibiotic pills and shot for clymedia and gon. Pain in ab went away two days later. I didnt get the results yet. I tested negative for hiv also (11weeks). I tested negative to day 12+ weeks.


  1. Do I need more hiv antibody tests?

  2. I thought I was safe how could this have happened?

  3. Could thrush show up as ars at 11 weeks about 2 or 3 weeks after cipro? (Tested twice since) Would my tests for hiv have picked up infection over a week latter?

  4. Could thrush be caused by a bunch of antbiotics or dry mouth *bactrim for 21 days end of oct 2012 *doxy for 7 days end of november 2012 *cipro for 10 day early january 2012



  1. No, no more HIV testing needed. Also, you can not get HIV from a hand job.

  2. Unclear. You can not get any other STIs from a hand job.

  3. Thrush was likely from Cipro.

  4. Yes.