Dr Shannon please help me and my wife - second time asking


Dear Doctor Shannon, I hope you are fine there. I will try to make it short.

Eight days ago, I bought two dildos/vibrators (silicone penises) for my wife. 10 hours before she used it, I washed them very quickly using running water only from a tap and then dried with a towel. The dildos looked dry before she used them. But now I heard that the shop where I bought the dildos sometimes sells used sex toys. This has scared me. Is my wife at risk? Should she be tested from the experience? Please provide some explanation, we only have sex with each other and just started learning about HIV.

I my self bought three silicone condoms and a small bottle of lubricant. I tried the condoms with the lubricant three hours later without washing them. The condom looked dry before I tried them. I also heard some sources saying that lubricant can be contaminated (e.g HIV semen and blood), is it true? Can a lubricant be contaminated? Should I get tested as well?

Doctor, please answer all my questions. Please let us know whether we can continue to have unprotected sex. Best wishes and thank you so much in advance for your expert explanation.


HI OK, breathe!!! You are both fine! First, if indeed they do sell used sex toys, hopefully they clean them, but even if they don't HIV dies once it leaves the body and is unable to infect. I've never heard of lubricant being contaminated and again even if there were HIV in the lubricant, once it leaves the body it is unable to infect.

By washing the dildos prior to using them you prevented anything from being transmitted.

You both are HIV free from this experience.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon