Dr. Bob, i am watching every minute to see if you have replied to my question, because i cannot sleep.


Dr. Bob, I am very terrified. I dont know how to wait for the three months to get tested. This ended up like a different type of kiss. I have looked in the archives, so many times but did not find the answer. I met a person in a steak house, we had two alcoholic drinks each, after that she became romantic, and she started kissing me on my cheek and then on my lip. The problem is that i did not shave for couple of days and my beard was thorny, after kissing on my cheek, then she kissed on my lip, it was a lip to lip kiss, closed mouth, but i had cuts on my lips, which i realised later. My cuts on the lip were not bleeding or anything like that. If she has blood on her lip(naturally or because of pricking on my beard), then do you think i will be at risk. The lip to lip kiss was for a second or maximum 2 seconds. Do i need to get tested? I cant sleep, eat or drink and did not go to work from 3 days. Please help me out Dr. Bob. All i am doing is refreshing the webpage, to see if you have answered. Thank you.



Your HIV-acquisition risk is nonexistent. As the old song goes, "You must remember this; a kiss is just a kiss; as time goes by . . . ." Even with your thorny beard and non-bleeding cracked lips, your risk remains nonexistent, OK? HIV testing is not medically warranted. I would suggest you stop constantly refreshing this Web page, turn off the computer and then get some sleep! You're a nervous sleep deprived wreck! Your HIV fears are irrational and I'd strongly suggest you seek counseling to help you overcome these totally unwarranted fears.

Good luck. Remember, HIV is not your problem.

Dr. Bob