Dr. Bob: plz help


Hi, I am so worried and confused. A doctor told me that a person has to get tested for 5 years from the last exposure to get conclusive result. Every HIV expert say that 6 months is the maximum. Howcome he said like that. Did he take any perpective about HIV testing which CDC and HIV experts has missed it for window period. He even says that CDC and HIV experts are misinformed about window period. So thought coming in my mind that may be this doctor is right??? Is he totally wrong???Plz answer, I am very anxious and worried.




So you have "a doctor" advising you the window period for accurate HIV testing is five years. And you have "every HIV expert and the CDC" advising six months would provide a conclusive test result. Whom do you wish to believe is "misinformed about the window period"???? The choice is yours. (Let's hope you never tune into Fox News.)

Dr. Bob