Dr. Bob please answer, eagerly awaiting response -Contracted MRSA and Herpes from being rimmed Follow Up Questions


Hi Dr. Bob,

Sorry to be a pest, but I am freaking out (eagerly) awaiting your response to my question...The question is this...I was rimmed / oral from the prostitute late may 2007 (only possible exosure) tested 6 times after (last test on dec 31st 2008 all non-reactive/negative, my wife tested twice 2 months after my incident and 11 months both non-reactive/negative...the thing is this, I am receiving conflicting info..If I was potentially exposed in late may 07 and potentially got hiv and then gave it to my wife ( as i gave her herpes 1) if we were both potentially infected with hiv we would be giving it to one another and re-exposing / repeatedly exposing each other could/would this delay and not allow for antibodies to show up on the tests?? I heard that if repeatedly re-exposed it would be difficult to show up on blood antibody tests..is this right?? SHould i get tested again?? by blood or swab?? We have been completely unprotected yet monogamnous with one another since my unfortunate incident with the prostitute in late May 07....Please respond..thanks for all your help.

Contracted MRSA and Herpes from being rimmed Follow Up Questions Dec 31, 2008

Hi Dr. Bob,

Thanks in advance for your previous help, I have made a donation via credit card to your admirable foundation. I am still concerned about and have questions with regards to the following which I wish I included in my previous post...

  1. From the prostitute giving me oral sex with the saran wrap, is the risk of hiv high? Could HIV be transmitted this way?

  2. I understand that there has been no documented cases of HIV been transmitted from rimming, however could it have been transmitted due to the cut by my anus when I was rimmed which gave me MRSA and HSV 1? Is this a high risk situation due to no barrier, cut on anus, blisters on the prostitute's mouth? Could HIV been transmitted this way?

  3. I currently have a unexplained rash on my testicals...I have been both to my primary care and dermatologist, I have tried numerous creams for 3 weeks and the rash still has not gone away...is this related to possible HIV?

Thanks again for all your help, I have also discussed you with my primary care and she agreed you are a god sent.

Contracted MRSA and Herpes from being rimmed Dec 15, 2008

To Dr. Bob,

On May 31st, 2007 I went to a Massage Parlour where I received oral sex with saran wrap on my penis for about a minute and then was rimmed by the prostitute while I masturbated until I finished. I was extremely nervous afterwards and went home and washed thoroughly. There was a cut around my anus from my girlfriend niking me while she rubbed down there previous. About 2 weeks later I had a fever, pus, and sores around my anus. I went to my primary care and she suspected herpes and MRSA. I also went to my Dermatologist who confirmed both. In June 2007 I got tested for HIV and tested negative. In July, I was tested by blood for Herpes and this came back positive for HSV 1. My girlfriend (now wife)was also tested in August 2007 for Herpes and HIV, the herpes came back positive for HSV 1 and HIV negative. I then got tested by a swab to my penis for other std's and they came back negative. My dermatologist also swabbed my nose and no MRSA was present. By September of 2007 the MRSA was all cleared up and I received another HIV antibody test by blood from my Primary care on Sept 19 2007 and this was negative. In early January 2008 I got tested again for HIV and this was negative. I then got tested in April of 2008 any May 31 2008 for HIV and these antibody tests were also negative.

My concern is this happend when I was 23 going to be 24, and now I am 25 and still not sure whether or not I conclusively do not have HIV. My girlfriend (now wife) has also been retested for HIV in early MAY 2008 and she was also negative.

I have been only with my wife (since this incident) and according to her (which I truly believe) she has only been with me during the 6 plus years we have been together. I am still very concerned as I have neck pains, diarrhea, swollen lymph nodes, pink eye, various pains throughout body, head aches, pain in groin, sides of body, unexplained rashes, on and off till this very day of 12/14/2008. Me and my wife continue to have unprotected sex (oral, rimming, fingering etc...)throughout this whole time...even though we have been completely monogomous with one another since my incident on May 31st 2007.

I am very concerned about and have questions with regards to the following: 1. Could HIV not show up on the antibody tests yet due to exposure to Herpes 1 and MRSA at same time?

  1. Could the chronic herpes outbreaks every two months in the anus region (easily cured by valtrex after couple of days) indicate HIV?

  2. Is herpes a chronic condition? Is it an immune suppressing condition?

  3. Could the mark (hole) by my anus from the MRSA indicate anything?

  4. I get tested at my primary care physician's office and this is sent out to a lab....could these samples which mostly sit over the weekend be contaminated and not produce the accurate results?

  5. Is my immune system taking longer to produce antibodies to HIV due to the dual exposure of MRSA and herpes?

Thanks in advance Dr. Bob, this website and your foundation is doing great things....I am a fortunate individual economically speaking and plan on contributing a great amount to further your admirable cause.

If you could respond as soon as you could as it would be helpful, cause I am still verry worried and am wondering if I should go see a infectious disease doctor, go directly to the lab to get tested, or get a pcr test....not sure.....thanks again.

Response from Dr. Frascino


The massage parlor used Saran wrap on your Mr. Happy? Hmm . . . I'm glad they are adhering to safer sex principles, but when a sex worker, I mean massage technician, doesn't have a supply of latex condoms on hand and needs to resort to items found on aisle three at the local Piggly Wiggly, it's usually not a good prognostic sign.

No doubt your anal nick put you at risk for MRSA and possibly HSV as well. These types of infections are much easier to acquire than HIV. Your repeatedly negative HIV tests out to one year from the time of your massage sexperience are definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem.

Responding to your specific questions:

  1. No. If you were HIV infected, the HIV-antibody tests would have been positive. Having MRSA and HSV-1 would not affect the accuracy of these tests or the duration of the "window period."

  2. Your HIV-antibody tests are definitive and conclusive. You are HIV negative. Consequently, your recurrent herpetic outbreaks are not related. No way. No how. By the way, if they recur that frequently, you should consider chronic suppression therapy taken on a daily basis rather than just treating the outbreaks.

  1. Yes, it is a chronic condition. However, it does not suppress the immune system.

  2. This is most likely just a healed defect in the skin caused by the infection (indented scar tissue).

  3. No. Your physician's office and the laboratory know how to handle specimens to assure the results remain accurate.

  4. No, absolutely not.

Your worries about unrecognized or delayed HIV are unwarranted. No doubt this entire experience was psychologically terrifying for you and this may account for some of your symptoms and persistent fears of being HIV infected. However, I can assure you that you dodged the HIV bullet. No further HIV tests are warranted. Whatever is causing your ongoing symptoms, one thing is absolutely certain: it's not HIV! Your general internist (general medical doctor) should be able to help you sort out any persistent symptoms.

Thank you for your willingness to make a donation to the Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation (www.concertedeffort.org). Please accept my heartfelt appreciation for your desire to help those whose lives have been shattered by the AIDS pandemic.

Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob

Advertisement Response from Dr. Frascino


  1. As you might imagine, Saran wrap has not been clinically studied as a condom substitute. It's usually paired up against aluminum foil or wax paper in a trial of which keeps your PB&J fresher longer rather than being paired up against Trojan Magnum XL condoms in a scientific suck-a-thon safety test. That said, I will remind you that oral sex, even without being "dressed for the occasion," carries only a very minimal risk for HIV acquisition. If you add a layer of Saran wrap, the HIV risk declines into the negligible range.
  1. This would be extremely unlikely. Saliva that does not contain visible blood is not considered to be a risk for HIV transmission.

  2. This type of rash is not associated with HIV. Follow up with your dermatologist.

I continue to believe your fears related to unrecognized or delayed HIV infection are completely unwarranted.

Please send my best personal regards to your primary care physician.

Good luck. Be well! Stop worrying about HIV.

Dr. Bob



You are "receiving conflicting information"??? From whom? Certainly not from me or this Web site!

Your fears are completely unwarranted. You and your wife's repeatedly negative HIV tests are definitive and conclusive. HIV is not your problem. No way. No how. No additional tests are warranted. Neither one of you has HIV so neither one of you can re-expose or repeatedly expose the other to HIV. Stop testing. Stop worrying. OK?

Dr. Bob