Dr. Bob....I'm back and still worried to death...help!!!


Hi Dr. Bob,

I've wrote you before and you haven't gotten the chance to get back to me. The last time I wrote was last year please help. In Dec. 17th 06 I performed oral sex on a man. There was no ejaculation and no pre-cum (that I could taste). 15 weeks later (April 4th 07)I had a rapid oral test done. The result was negative. My question is was this test result accurate? I haven't had sex since Dec. 06 because of my fear of a non-accurate test. Please help! Should I be tested again? Thanks Dr. Bob.

Sincerely, Your beloved Worry Wart


Hello Worry Wart,

Despite your being back and still being worried to death, I have no additional information for you! Your 15-week oral rapid test was negative. Exactly what part of "HIV negative" are you having difficulty understanding? How is writing repeatedly to me and my repeating the same response over and over going to help? Is your test accurate? Yes. Of course it is! If you don't believe me, repeat it. It will unquestionably be negative again. You have dodged the HIV bullet! Exactly how you choose to live with this wonderful news is up to you. Whether you should continue to be a worry wart instead of a relieved WOO-HOOer is your choice. (So many of us wish we had your "problem.") Wake up and smell the Starbucks dearie!

Dr. Bob