DR BOB, Answer PLZ!!!


Dr Bob, I need your help. Almost two years ago, I had a couple of sexual encounters with a young lady who I knew from work. Most of the encounters was her performing oral sex on me, but with some vaginal intercourse along with it though it only would go for 3-4 minutes before the oral again. As far as the vaginal goes, probably two times without a condom and two times with one. I found a paper that said something aobut her having some type of vaginal infection about 2-3 months before I met her, and when I asked her about it she said it was due to her having a miscarriage, but I now I think it might have been Trichomoniasis, though I can't be certain I don't remember what it said. About 30 days later, my mother came up to visit from her home. She got to my place and had a flu like illness, not exactly sure what it was. About 3 days after she got here, I suddenly got sick. It started with a runny nose and a headache but by that night i was running a fever of 103, headache, stomach cramps, swollen lymph nodes in my neck, runny nose, cough, chills, muscle pains. Instead of resting like I should have I went to work the next night, and for the next two days just kept going instead of resting. The day after I got sick, my girlfriend also got sick, though nowhere as bad as I did, but she also slept and rested the entire time. Also where I live the CDC had said the flu was Widespread status. About a month and a half later, I noticed that my cervical lymph nodes had become enlarged, i could feel them, about the size of a baked bean, and what I believe is the left supraclavicular lymph node had seemed to become hard. During all this time I had been reading forums, and diagonosing my symptoms and I couldnt seem to bring myself to get tested. All this time i've stayed away from women because im scared to death I am HIV positive. Now its two years later, The cervical lymph nodes are still palpable though probably only the size of a pea, some are soft and some are more like buckshot, I have a white coating on my tongue, which does not bleed or make a bad taste its just kind of there, and it comes back after I brush it off. The left supraclavicular lymph node has enlarged again, its now about the size of a large marble if I turn my neck right and palpate it. I talked to a doctor the other day who said the node was completely normal but its large, i mean i turn my neck and it feels like a small golf ball. I can feel the lymph nodes in my groin if I lay down and really try to look, but they dont seem to be abnormal, I can just feel them. I take quite a bit of vicodin and have for about the last two years, not every day but when I have it I take probably 1-2 a day, and I binge drink on occasion, usually 4-5 times a month. Does any of what I just said make you suspect ARS, or HIV? Do you think I just have WAY to much Anxiety and I need to get a grip and just get tested and stop worrying about it? I need your Karma doc, cause my Karma i'm sure I lost a long time ago. Donation incoming.



My advice is simple:

  1. If you think you placed yourself at risk for HIV, get a rapid HIV test three months or more after your last potential exposure.

  2. Stop self-diagnosing.

  3. Stop abusing Vicodin and binge drinking.

  4. Get professional help (psychological or psychiatric) to evaluate and treat your anxiety, irrational HIV fears and substance abuse.

As for karma, it's a renewable resource! Just do something nice for someone in need.

Thanks for your donation to The Robert James Frascino AIDS Foundation (www.concertedeffort.org). In return, my good karma is indeed on its way to you! (See I told you karma was a renewable resource!)

Dr. Bob