Dr. Bob is Amazing!


Dr. Bob I was tested at 5.5 months using Rapid test and 9.5 months using test which took a week to get results back. That is also negative! You sure do know your stuff!Thank you so much for what you're doing here on this site. I appreciate the fact that your knowledge is "free" to readers and that we have the option to donate in return. A message to all the worried-wells: I began having "symptoms" of what I thought was ARS which started 4 months after my last unprotected oral exposure. These symptoms include: pelvic pain and extreme vaginal and anal discharge, sores and cysts on vagina, joint pain, fever, diarrhea, tickling, burning, prickling sensations over entire body. Now you would think I had many STDs including HIV but EVERY STD WAS NEGATIVE 5.5 MONTHS AND HIV STILL NEGATIVE AFTER 9.5 MONTHS! I am still experiencing most of these symptoms and have not figured out why. I am suspecting that I am allergic to food I have been eating constantly or maybe even feminine products. Ps: Would large amounts of mercury (found in fish) or being exposed to random people on subway daily delay seroconversion?

Dr. Bob you are a blessing and I pray for your health and strength. I find your picture cute and you have an awesome smile.



Thanks for your thanks and kind comments. WOO-HOO!

Regarding your "PS," mercury from fish and/or being exposed to random people on the subway would not delay seroconversion; however, being exposed to random fish on a subway to the planet Mercury just might!

Happy New Year.

Dr. Bob