Doxycycline and truvada/sustiva


I started Truvada/Sustiva 3 weeks ago. Today I was prescribed doxycycline for 10 days, there was a suspicion of gonorrhea/ chylamidia. Is it safe to take this antibiotic with my regimen? Also I'm supposed to have my cd4/viral load/ liver enzymes checked in a week to see if my regimen working. Will my numbers be affected by gonorrhea/ chylamidia or doxycycline? Thanks.


Hello and thanks for your post.

First off, there's no significant interactions between short-term doxycycline and your HIV medications.

If you've had a true infection with GC or Chlamydia, then there is some risk that your viral load could be transiently elevated. If you can delay getting the tests done until a week or two after you've finished treatment with doxy, that'd be better.

Lastly, not to be the doting paternal type, but HIV+and suspicion of new sexually transmitted infections? Please, our community has to be safer out there.