Double false positive HepC HIV


I recently tested positive for HepC but then negative per RIBA and PCR. Then I tested positive for HIV then negative Western blot and PCR. I tested negative for ANA's, rheumatoid, and Lupus. I did have moderate hepatitis (5X baseline LFT's) preceded by a month of nausea. Now my LFT's are near normal and I have intermittent nausea. What on earth could cause a double false-positive?


I am quite curious about your testing as well. I am bewildered as to what caused your false positive tests.

Obviously you had a significant hepatitis and I hope you also had testing for other causes of hepatitis including monopot, hepatitis B, syphiliis, and other etiologies to determine the cause of your significant liver abnormalities. I am glad you are feeling better now. If you ever find out the cause of your false positive tests, please let us know.