dormant disesase


Dear Doctor, I got involved in a tissue recall becouse the Agency, that harvestes bone and tissue, may not met the FDA rules (donors elegibility and screening for diseases). I was operated for a sine augumentation in order to recive implants that will replace missing teeth. I got tested negative, after 4 months from the surgery, for HIV 1 and 2, HEP B and C and syphilys. Should I get tested again in the future? If yes, How long/often? I am concerned about the incubation/dormant of some diseases. Is the "window period" the same for Trasplant tissue, like whatever exposure at risk? Plesae answer me as soon as you can, I'd appreciate.


The negative HIV test after 4 months is quite definitive. I know of no difference in the test behavior with tissues implants as compared to blood and body fluid exposure