Dear Experts!

I have a question. I am worrying. This morning I cut my nails, then I went to a post office. Near my nails there were a little sore. When I touched the post office's doorhandle with my hand which has the sore. Could i get HIV by this way? Please annswer me! I am waiting very much your response!


Hi there:

Thanks for writing in. HIV is not transmitted via casual contact like that. HIV does not live well outside of the human body. It could not survive on a door knob. Also, for transmission to occur HIV needs direct access to the bloodstream. The kind of access that occurs during unprotected penetrative sex, or when needles are shared during injection drug use, and one of the involved parties is HIV positive.

I can understand how the sore on your hand might have led you to believe that you were at risk. I'm glad to tell you, you were not at risk at all! Fortunately for both us, and door knobs everywhere, HIV cannot be spread through casual contact with inanimate objects. This also goes for sharing drinking glasses, towels, books, dishes, etc.

When you have a few moments, I would suggest visiting our HIV/AIDS Prevention & Testing section here on It has a section called "Learn about HIV". I think you will find it very informative.

In health,