Dont want to be the first to get hiv from analingus


Checking in on day 23. Still have sore throat and white spots. having pain in legs top of the ankles and lower back. headaches are always there. One more round of encouragment... i have relaxed some, but why do I still feel these things ?



You may have "relaxed some," but apparently not enough. Your current symptoms are most likely related to anxiety.

I have not changed my assessment regarding the HIV risk associated with rimming. It's essentially nonexistent; however, other STDs can be transmitted via unprotected rimming (hepatitis A, intestinal parasites, etc.).

Dr. Bob

Dont want to be the first to get hiv from analingus Feb 6, 2011

19 days out from non protected analingus with a street prostitute. deep analingus for about 30 mins. had cut on my lip. I have had the gamit of symptoms. the ones i'm realy worried about. day 11-14 pressure behind eyes/temples with tight sore jaw. I have had swollen lymph nodes since day 3 and still there. I have had a bothersome throat since day 3 dry now as of day 16 my throat hurts and i have 2 "cuts" like razor cuts going horizontal on each side. I have had mild lower back pain and in my fore arms. I woke up a couple of nights ago with complete numb tingly. I have tried to 'worry well' now i'm breaking down. I will of course go get tested. I had a test on day 10 with P24/hiv antibody.. negative (but not really telling is it) i wont get into every symptom other than this (i know there are enough here...) just really dont know what to do or say anymore. I have gone for "support" help with a psychologist and I try and believe these are stress/anxiety... but actual cuts on the throat and pain that wakes you up.. it's not like I was thinking of this when i'm sleeping...

	Response from Dr. Frascino


Relax Max, you won't be the first to get HIV from rimming; rather, you'll be the gazillionth to have irrational fears about contracting HIV resulting in anxiety.

Your symptoms are not worrisome for HIV acute retroviral syndrome (ARS). I strongly advise you continue counseling with your psychologist. Get a single HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark. The results will undoubtedly be negative. Write back with your results and I'll post them for our forum readers. Hopefully it will help others who might find themselves in a similar situation.

Good luck.

Dr. Bob