I don't have Hiv and other


I don't have HIV but I'm curiouse a year ago I started getting pain in my right arm I avoided it so 3months ago it got severe I went to the er they referee me to a orthapiedic doctor who did a xray bone scan cat scan and MRI and he said that the tendon bicept tore and there's something in the bone but that it could just be bone fragments but he said that he's still very concerned because my arm will not move it just hangs any attempt to move it causes severe pain and causes more damage I have never had a injury to my arm so we have no clue what's causing it about a week ago small quarter and dime size bruises started appearing on my arms legs and stomach and other parts of the body they are painful but they dissaper after a week or so I haven't told my doctor yet cuz I don't see him for two more weeks I'm a big girl but I'm also balimic with anemia so I don't know if that's what's causing it I am concerned could it be HIV????


Hi Your doctor answered your question with the tests they ran stating you had a torn bicep. HIV transmission can only occur when there is a direct and prolonged exposure to body fluids, semen, vaginal fluid, blood or mother to child through breast feeding. This most commonly occurs through unprotected vaginal or anal sex and sharing of needles. Casual contact, sharing utensils, drinking after someone, etc are not way for HIV transmission to occur. If you go to this link HIV101 it will take you to our page that talks about the ways in which HIV is and is not transmitted.

If you have not had sex or shared a needle there is no risk for HIV. If you have had unprotected sex or shared a needle with someone than you need to be tested for HIV and all of the other sexually transmitted infections.

But again, from your question, your arm is sore because of what your health care provider diagnosed and it is not a symptom of HIV.

Be well and stay safe, Shannon