Don't you get hiv straight-away is someone is hiv Positive?


Dear Bob, everyone calls you Bob, so do I. I had a 2 months relantionship with someone and I had a Full-screening for std after 3 months and half the first exposure but just 1 month and half after the last. It came back negative and the doctor said I don't need to repeat the test. Reading in several web-sites I discovered that I should have done the test after 3 months from the last exposure. So the test I 've done is meaningless even if it was with the same person (hoping he didn't sleep with other people)? Please anwer, I was happy when I got my results because I din't even catch any other std, but now.......



The negative HIV test you had performed is not meaningless; it's quite encouraging. However, it's not conclusive. You are correct: to get a definitive HIV test result, you need to get tested three months after your last potential exposure.

To answer your question in your title "Don't you get HIV straight away if someone is HIV positive," the answer is no. most HIV exposures do not lead to HIV transmission (thankfully!). You can read more about HIV risk and transmission in the archives of this forum. Check it out!

Dr. Bob