Donepezil (Aricept) continued use for ADC


I have a question about Donepezil, (Aricept) for AIDS Dementia Complex patients. Will they always need to take this medication, or is it subject to decreases in their viral load/increases in their T Cells, (like Dapsone or other preventative medication). Also, is AIDS Dementia Complex reversible at any point? ( on the premises of continued successful HIV drug therapy ). Thank You. Saul Vargas, Infoline Specialist, Atlanta


Thanks for the question, Saul.

A number of medications have been used to attempt to treat AIDS Dementia Complex (ADC). To date, there is no "standard of care" and there is NO convincing evidence that Aricept will work. It is dangerous to anticipate the results of ongoing clinical trials. Thus, I cannot answer how long treatment should continue, as I would only advise the use of Aricept for ADC within a clinical trial.

One thing that HAS been proven to help is the use of HAART. Inasmuch as viral replication contributes to ADC, interrupting it can help. However, this is not the whole answer.