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Dear Dr Bob. I had written to you two yrs about my unprotected sex 4 times in one night with a girl i just met at a bar and got tested for HIV after a year which came back negative after all the symtoms such as swollen lumpy armpits which are still swollen after 3 yrs. however after that i had about 12 sexual encouters with hookers all protected vaginal but unprotected blowjobs. Dr bob its been 3 yrs and i still have swollen armpits and have lost weight immensly and have severe chest pain gastric problems. my question is do you thing by having protected sex with a condom can i get hiv from these 10-12 sexual encounters i had, assuming most of them or all were hiv positive, does any other STD cause swollen lumpy armpits, was my test definetive? i live in dubai thats how i got it tested as you have to every year for visal renewal. i also have developed itchy and dry skin between my toes on my right feet , i am assuming its some STD or HIV symptom. my gentials also get dried and hard. kindly reply back to all of my questions as i really feel weak and lost alot of weight and my swollen armpits sometimes make me feel a flu like illness., what other STD can make my swollen armpits remain swollen for so many yrs?. especially with the intense gas problems for which im loosing weight and haiving no appetite. best regards



Once again your HIV fears are unwarranted.

Protected sex is indeed protected, assuming the latex (or polyurethane) condoms were used properly and didn't fail (break). An HIV-antibody test taken three months or longer after your last encounter would be considered definitive.

I cannot diagnose the cause of your various symptoms over the Internet. I do not believe they are STD related. I would suggest you see your doctor for an evaluation of any persistent or troublesome symptoms.

By the way, regarding your report, "my genitals also get . . . hard," most guys wouldn't really consider that a problem!

Relax Max. HIV is not your problem.

Dr. Bob