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hi dr frascino,

i donated 50$ last week and will donate another 50$ .. plz answer my question this time .. i was with a prostitute last where i tried to penetrate analy and the condom broke during entry.. the tip of my penis penetrated the outside of the rectum for one second .. i had many tests.

  1. antigen 3weeks neg
  1. elisa 8 weeks neg

  2. elisa 10 days prior to the 3month mark.. i just couldnt wait neg..

is this conclusive if not how encouraging is it .. i have pain under my armpits and in my lymph glands .. i am still paranoid... plz help doc your the man to ask ... i have been surfing this site for the whole window period . i just couldnt wait for the remaining 10 days .. its just to tough .. i would like to pay my full respect and admiration to your courage in facing this horrible disease and hope that we will defeat this terible affliction one day..



Your HIV risk is negligible at best. Your negative tests out to "10 days prior to the three-month mark" are extraordinarily encouraging. However, current guidelines state that tests taken prior to three months (not "10 days prior to three months") are not considered definitive.

Your "symptoms" are not worrisome for HIV ARS.

My advice would be to take an ELISA test at the three-month mark to conclusively confirm what we all very strongly suspect: that you are HIV negative.

Finally, regarding anal sex and condoms, don't forget the golden rule: lubrication is your friend.

Thanks for your donations! ( They are urgently needed and warmly appreciated.

Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob