They don' add up - What's wrong again?


Dear Bob,

Thank you so much for your kind assurance. I feel like I'm bothering you but please hear me out. I will cut the story short.

I have been badly troubled by my non-intact skin on my finger which went into the vagina, clearly compromised due to the stinging sensation when placed under water.

I'm asking if she happens to be newly infected, with copious amounts of HIV virus in her vaginal fluids and I got into direct contact with the fluids on my broken skin, what is the risk?

I seriously regret my stupidity, and I have tried to be as safe as possible by using condoms with oral sex and fingering. Perhaps my fear is consuming me, but please dear Bob. I need to get over this as the symptoms are starting to show now after 2 weeks to exposure, itchy skin on body and head scalp. I've never had the itch before. What do you suggest about my risk? I am getting married soon and I need to move on but it is agonising to wait out another 10 weeks.

And yes, I will pledge my next pay day on a donation to your foundation for your extraordinarily impressive work for the uninformed (me), underprivileged, under loved, and many more. Keep it up! You are god sent!


Hello (again!).

My assessment of your risk has not changed. Your fears are unwarranted and irrational. You are what-iffing yourself into a state of anxiety. What if she's HIV infected and what if she's newly infected and what if her vaginal fluids have "copious amounts of HIV" and what if you came into direct contact with those toxic fluids, etc., etc., etc. Your HIV-acquisition risk, because of all these what-ifs, becomes so remote that it's essentially nonexistent.

Your itchy skin and scalp are not suggestive of HIV.

Your conclusive HIV-antibody test will undoubtedly be negative.

Relax Max! All is well, including you!

Dr. Bob

They don' add up - What's wrong? Jul 19, 2011